National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Ivakhnenko Oleksii Grygorovych

academician of NAS of Ukraine

A well-known scientist in the field of automatic control, cybernetics and information science.  Doctor of engineering sciences (1954), corresponding member of AS of Ukrainian SSR (1961), academician  of NAS of Ukraine (2003).

Twice winner of the State Prize of Ukraine (1991, 1997).

The author of around 40 monographs and over 400 scientific articles.

O.I. Ivakhnenko developed new principles and devices of automatic control of electric motor speed and calculation of the systems with magnetic amplifiers. Generally recognized are his achievements in the invariance theory and the theory of combined systems of automatic control that operate according to compensation of the measured disturbances.

He is an author of the first national monograph on technical cybernetics, which was repeatedly published abroad. Further development of the principles of combined control in O.G. Ivakhnenko’s works is related to the use of the principles, devices and methods of self-tuning,  self-learning, pattern recognition and prediction in the control systems.