National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Modes of power systems and facilities and their management”

  • During 2020, the scientific researches of the Institute in this field were aimed at developing models and means for estimating the forecast error in the volume of electricity supplied by producers from renewable energy sources and its impact on the market value of electricity in Ukraine.
  • The models of a solar power plant operation with a capacity of 1200 MW were developed to supply energy to the UES of Ukraine under conditions of a detailed assessment of the annual hourly operating modes of a power plant of this type. The possibility and expediency of using the infrastructure of the Chornobyl NPP to accommodate a 1200 MW solar power plant in this area is shown, which is capable of providing the initial replacement of the capacity of the decommissioned Chernobyl NPP.
  • The organization of automatic frequency control in the UES of Ukraine with the involvement of a direct current line is proposed.
  • The methods of minimizing the influence of saturation of a magnetic circuit of the current transformer on the accuracy of the primary measuring current channel, which are based on the short-circuit current model, as well as methods of continuous monitoring of technical condition of mechanical elements, residual switching life and parameters of of the gas mixture of SF6 circuit breakers at a voltage of 750-330 kV, were studied.
  • The modeling of characteristic modes of the backbone power transmission lines of main electrical networks, and technical and economic comparison of the results of the effectiveness of installation of controlled reactive power compensation devices were carried out.


Next year, the scientific researches in this field will be aimed at the development and verification of the means for analyzing the UES of Ukraine in terms of integration of the electricity market into ENTSO-E. The models and methods of accounting the impact of a share increase of renewable energy sources on the operation of UES of Ukraine and on the market value of electricity in Ukraine, will be improved. Also, it is planned to develop computing software for debugging microprocessor-based protection means against the measurements in undamaged phases in complex electrical networks of the UES of Ukraine. Additionally, it is planned to study the methods for predicting a nodal load in electrical networks, to develop the models for increasing the efficiency of energy flows control through the separate electrical networks on the basis of FACTS, in particular, controlled shunt reactors.