National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Modes of power systems and facilities and their management”

During 2019, the research of the institute in the main areas of scientific activity was focused on the following research:

In the scientific direction “Modes of electric power systems and objects and their management”:

  • developed and for the first time in Ukraine substantiated the concept of assessing the impact of electricity supply from renewable energy sources on the market value of electricity in Ukraine;
  • improved methods and developed tools for short-term forecasting of electricity supply from renewable sources, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by real data of the UES of Ukraine;
  • a new model of high-voltage current transformer has been developed, which allows to take into account the influence of residual induction, hysteresis properties of magnetic conductors and increase the reliability of calculations of electromagnetic processes, as well as their influence on relay protection systems and monitoring of power systems.

Further development of these studies will be associated with the development of conceptual provisions for the development and operation of hybrid power systems that meet the current state of the integrated power system (UES) of Ukraine, taking into account trends in total renewable energy capacity and requirements for their operation. Ukraine into the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity  (ENTSO-E). Models of direct current transmission systems and their control systems, models of wind and solar power plants, focused on their use as part of a comprehensive model of a large-scale hybrid power system will be developed and studied.

The most important results of research in this area
modes of power systems and facilities and their management