National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion”

Research on the scientific direction of “systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion” in 2021 was aimed at scientific substantiation of approaches and criteria for selecting configurations and circuitry solutions of the electrical generating part of combined power systems with different types of energy sources and types of generators operating autonomously or connected to the grid.

Test numerical studies of one of the configurations with synchronous and asynchronous generators were carried out. On their basis, the scientific foundations for the creation of backup power supplies of three-phase current based on micro-hydroelectric power plants in terms of the development of their circuitry solutions and principles of operation were developed, which makes it possible to create backup power systems without the use of diesel power plants in the presence of micro-hydroelectric power plants in the system.

Mathematical models and methods and algorithms of control of switched reluctance electric machines for electric drive and power generation systems, special electromechanical energy converters with permanent magnets of scanning systems with the three-stage gyro-stabilized rotor, and vehicles with increased density of magnetic energy in the field of energy conversion have been developed and improved. The optimal structures of integrated electromechanical systems with electric motors, their design schemes, laws of regulation of operating modes were formed, which created prerequisites for improving the mass-sized characteristics of the system components and their energy indicators.

Research in this scientific direction is planned to be directed to developing comprehensive approaches to the creative principles and algorithms of control, simulation models of energy, and resource-efficient asynchronous motors with a semiconductor converter of electrical energy parameters and a working mechanism. Combined power supply systems with different energy sources with energy storage, asynchronous or synchronous, and asynchronous generators that feed a rapidly changing active and dynamic load for renewable energy systems, mining, processing industry will be investigated. Scientific principles of modeling of disk electric machines with permanent magnets for vehicles, principles of construction of rotor control systems of magnetoelectric machines of a particular purpose, based on achieving the necessary accuracy of control, economy, and minimization of mass dimensions will be developed. It is planned to investigate the modes of operation and develop the nanosatellite jet flywheel control systems and scanning systems with a three-axis gyro stabilized rotor.