National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion”

  • The researches in this field were aimed at the development of theoretical principles and strategies for electromechanical systems control; creation and modeling of the structures of the core of electromechanical converters, development of circuit solutions and algorithms of their control systems, as well as software.
  • Mathematical models of semiconductor converters of electromechanical systems were developed and the processes in them were simulated. The principles of electromechanical systems construction were investigated and their experimental researches were carried out.


In 2021, the scientific researches in this field will be focused on the scientific substantiation of approaches and basic criteria for selecting configurations and circuit solutions of the power generating part of combined power systems with different types of energy sources and generators operating autonomously or connected to the network.

It is planned to develop the mathematical models, and improve the methods and algorithms for controlling special electromechanical energy converters of scanning systems with a three-stage gyrostabilized rotor and vehicles with a high magnetic energy density.

By using the developed principles, criteria, and mathematical models of the complex design, the optimal structures of integrated electromechanical systems with electric motors, their structural schemes, laws of operating modes regulation will be formed, which will create the prerequisites for improving small-sized characteristics of the system’s components and power indicators.