National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion”

During 2019, the research of the institute in the main areas of scientific activity was focused on the following research:

Research in the field of “Systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion” provided:

  • creation of optimal structures of magnetic systems of electromechanical energy converters with permanent magnets for wind power plants, vehicle drives, sea wave energy conversion plants;
  • development of new basic structures of magnetoelectric systems with one and two degrees of freedom of rotation of the rotor for the design of devices and systems of special equipment with extreme characteristics;
  • research and development of optimal control systems for electromechanical energy converters of magnetoelectric type mechatronic systems, providing improvement of energy and mass-dimensional indicators in the composition of devices of a wide functional spectrum for various branches of electrical engineering.

In this direction, the development of theoretical positions and control strategies of electromechanical systems will be ensured in the future; creation and modeling of structures of the core of electromechanical converters, circuit solutions of control systems, control algorithms and software are provided. The development of mathematical models of semiconductor converters and modeling of processes in them for control of electromechanical systems is provided; development of principles of construction and software of control systems of electromechanical systems; development of physical and mathematical models of electromechanical systems and their experimental research.

The most important results of research in this area
systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion