National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Conversion and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters”

  • During 2020, the researches in this field were aimed at creating mathematical, computer and physical models of energy facilities to determine the loss of electrical energy. Recommendations were developed for the operating conditions of such facilities, where significant losses of electrical energy were detected.
  • The theory of active filtration of multiphase power supply systems, aimed at minimizing power losses in the corresponding power lines, was further developed. New ratios were substantiated and new physical meaning was given for the terms like instantaneous active current and instantaneous full capability, which take into account the dependence on the ratio of transmission line resistances.
  • Algorithms for controlling physical processes in electric smelting installations have been developed, for which new electromagnetic systems and systems of their supply based on semiconductor converters capable of implementing the indicated control algorithms, were
  • Modern electric power storage systems were created and implemented based on the use of bidirectional semiconductor converters for renewable energy sources.


In the next year, it is planned to focus the researches in this area on the development of the theory and principles of construction of high-voltage electromagnetic and semiconductor power supplies with high dynamic characteristics. We will continue to develop effective structures of the converters and methods for their calculation taking into account both the energy and dynamic properties of power sources, as well as the energy accumulated in their output links. This will help to increase the resistance to inexpedient and emergency modes of powerful electric power and technological systems, including electro-induction and beam installations for the manufacture of high quality metal products and high-frequency and electric pulse installations for processing metals and alloys. The values of the gain coefficients of power loss for the proposed strategies of active filtration will be obtained and experimentally confirmed.