National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Conversion and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters”

Research on the scientific direction of “conversion and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters” in 2021 aimed to develop the theory and principles of constructing high-voltage electromagnetic and semiconductor power sources with high dynamic characteristics. A combined control system for an active shunt filter in the coordinate system of the two-watt method has been developed, which implements one of the four active filtration strategies depending on the conditions of use.

A new power supply system for the universal electromagnetic mixer of liquid metal with alternating pulsating and running magnetic fields has been developed. The main provisions of the concept of powering magnetic-semiconductor pulse converters from renewable energy sources are determined, their mathematical models are developed, and calculations of operating modes and mutual influence are carried out.

The principles of construction of energy-efficient devices of regulation and stabilization of electric energy parameters in discharge-pulse systems of plasmoerosionic treatment of heterogeneous conductive media are developed. New systems of phase automatic adjusting of frequency of high-frequency transistor inverters of induction heating installations with sequential resonance circuits at the output and control of the inverter by modulation of pulse density have been developed.

Next year, research on this scientific direction is planned to focus on developing the theory and principles of designing semiconductor converters in power supply systems with renewable energy sources. The modes of operation of power switches of different types and diode current choppers in generators and pulse converters powered by renewable energy sources will be investigated. New algorithms for controlling hybrid converters for modular-type renewable energy sources with a common dc voltage bus for operating in autonomous and network modes will be developed. New schemes of passive filters will be developed, and their impact on the quality of electricity of the power supply network will be analyzed. Algorithms for controlling semiconductor converters adaptable to changing power supply network parameters will be developed, using the decomposition of full-power components to achieve the energy-saving effect of electricity transmission in networks with dispersed generation. It will increase the quality of electricity at the points of common connection.