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Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Transformation and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters”

During 2019, the research of the institute in the main areas of scientific activity was focused on the following research:

Research in the field of “Transformation and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters” was aimed at:

  • development of theory and development of effective means of electromagnetic energy conversion, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility and interaction of a wide class of electromagnetic energy converters both with the power supply system and with energy-intensive technological loads;
  • creation of models of technological equipment with the layout of the elements of the power scheme in compliance with the requirements for minimizing active power losses and the development of appropriate equipment;
  • determination of the most effective working conditions of distributed generation sources from the standpoint of increasing the homogeneity of the electric load schedules of the network, increasing its capacity;
  • determination of optimal modes of operation of liquid metal mixing systems and development of control algorithms for metal melting system in furnace with electromagnetic melt mixing;
  • creation of new methods for reducing the level of the magnetic field near three-phase high-voltage cable lines and a calculation model to determine the necessary characteristics and configurations of composite magnetic screens to reduce the level of the magnetic field to existing sanitary standards.

In the future, mathematical, computer and physical models of energy facilities will be created, in which significant losses of electricity occur; Recommendations will be developed on the operating conditions of facilities in which significant losses of electricity have been detected. The basic physical laws of controlled electromagnetic influence on liquid metal will also be obtained, algorithms for controlling physical processes in electric smelters will be developed, for which new electromagnetic systems and their power supply systems based on semiconductor converters capable of implementing these control algorithms will be developed. The use of the obtained developments will significantly increase the efficiency of technological processes of melting and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, including refractory metals and alloys for responsible purposes, as well as improve the quality of metal products.


The most important results of research in this area
conversion and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters