National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Information and measurement systems and metrological support in the power industry”

Research in the scientific direction of “information and measuring systems and metrological support in the electric power industry” in 2021 were associated with: the creation of theoretical foundations and practical implementation of means of precision measurement and reproduction of alternating currents and voltages, determination of parameters of complex supports and non-electrical physical quantities using impedance sensors; new functions extended to 1 MHz operating frequency range, with increased to 0.001% accuracy, resistance to industrial interference at high speed; reference means of voltage separation of industrial frequency; as well as the development of new methods and means of transferring the representation of units of physical quantities from constant to variable voltage.

For the development of monitoring of the state of electric power equipment, new methods and hardware and software for controlling mechanical parameters were developed based on the coordinated conversion of signals of combined capacitive sensors, more accurate means of determining the factor of loss of electrical insulation and intellectualized devices for power plant control centers.

Scientists of the Institute were engaged in creating theoretical foundations for smoothing the discontinuous functions of signals at the output of voltage and current calibrators that arise during the process of metrological certification of means of measuring the mode parameters of electricity. The obtained results are the basis for applied developments and the establishment of industrial production of unified means of operational control and modern metrological equipment for the electric power industry and other industries.

Next year, work in this direction will be aimed at theoretical research and solving metrological problems related to the synchronization of digital information flows in multiparameter monitoring and diagnostic systems; the development of spatially distributed information and measuring systems of the digital substation to increase the accuracy and noise resistance of precision working and reference means of reproduction and measurement of active electrical values, to expand the range and improving the accuracy of measuring instruments of complex supports at industrial and Infrasian frequencies. As a result of the research, a new concept for constructing vector electrical measurements at industrial, low, and Infrasic frequencies and metrological support for such measurements will be developed. New principles for building devices on a unified structural and algorithmic base will be developed, and circuitry solutions will expand functions, improve accuracy and optimize the technical and economic indicators of the equipment, taking into account the peculiarities of application.