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Achievements in the scientific direction “Information and measurement systems and metrological support in the power industry”

The development of “information-measuring systems and metrological support in the power industry” continued in the direction of creating new unified precision basic measuring modules of the new generation.

For the implementation of high-precision instruments and information and measuring systems. For technical and medical diagnostics, product quality control, environmental monitoring and other metrological needs, samples of high-performance basic impedance channel with characteristics corresponding to the world level in this field were developed, manufactured and metrologically investigated. For the practical implementation of the capacitive method of monitoring important parameters of the state of electric generators during its assembly, the theoretical basis of creation and working samples of sensors and secondary measuring transducers are developed. A working sample of a precision voltage amplifier for the formation of high-voltage test signals in technical diagnostic systems and for the improvement of reference tools in the power industry has been developed and studied.

Further development of these studies will be associated with the development of theoretical foundations for precision measurement and reproduction of alternating currents and voltages; development of new methods and means of transfer of units of physical quantities from direct to alternating voltage; creation of theoretical bases of reproduction of fast-moving processes on the basis of application of spline interpolation of calibration digital-analog signals; development of new algorithms for improving the accuracy of reproduction of electrical quantities based on the implementation of digital data processing structures and automation of calibration processes.

The most important results of research in this area
Information and measuring systems and metrological support in the power industry