National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Achievements in the scientific direction “Information and measurement systems and metrological support in the power industry”

  • The scientific researches in this field were related to the creation of theoretical foundations of precision measurement and reproduction of alternating currents and voltages, determination of the parameters of complex resistances and non-electrical physical quantities using impedance sensors.
  • The development of new methods and principles of construction of electrical measuring instruments with extended functions, a wide range of operating frequencies, increased accuracy, noise immunity and speed, has been extended, as well as the development of new methods and means of transferring the representation of units of physical quantities from constant to alternating voltage.
  • The scientists of the Institute were also engaged in the creation of theoretical foundations for the reproduction of fast processes based on the use of spline interpolation of calibration digital and analog signals; in the development of new algorithms for increasing the accuracy of reproduction of electrical quantities based on the implementation of digital data processing structures and automation of calibration processes.
  • The obtained research results allow to improve the quality of electrical products, the reliability and efficiency of equipment operation through the introduction of automated, continuous and more informative monitoring and diagnostics of the state of power They are the basis for applied development and adjustment of industrial production of unified tools for operational control and modern metrological equipment for the electric power and other industries.

Next year, the researches in this area will be aimed at developing the theory and principles of construction of information and measuring systems for multi-parameter control of powerful energy equipment; at solving metrological problems that limit the accuracy of precision working and reference means for reproducing and measuring active electrical quantities and parameters of electrical energy; at expanding the range of operating frequencies and improving the accuracy of measuring devices of complex impedances. Theoretical and experimental metrological researches of new methods of providing noise immunity, reducing random errors and correcting systematic ones during transformation of informative physical quantities will be carried out on the computer and physical models of the components of information-measuring hardware-software complexes.