National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics
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Kuznetsov Volodymyr Grygorovych

corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine

A well-known scientist in the field of electrical power engineering, electrical engineering, electromagnetic compatibility and management of electromagnetic processes in multi-phase systems. Doctor of engineering sciences (1982), professor (1985), corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine (1990).

Winner of the State prize of Ukraine in the field of sciences and technology, prize of the presidents of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, prizes of NAS of Ukraine named after G.F. Proskura and named after S.O. Lebedev. Honored worker of sciences and technology of Ukraine.

Author of over 400 scientific publications, including 8 monographs, 56 inventions and patents.

V.G. Kuznetsov is a founder of the scientific direction of optimal control of electromagnetic processes in multiphase systems with the sources of distortion. Widely known methods and means developed by V.G. Kuznetsov to limit ferroresonance overvoltages in high-voltage power networks with effective neutral grounding. The methods of synthesis of multiphase phase-shifting circuits proposed by V.G. Kuznetsov allowed to create effective devices to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, which are widely used in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and others.