Clean Power

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics


Department №16. Department of power supply of technological systems

Head of the Department – Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine Shcherba Anatolii Andriyovych,
tel. 366-24-64

Research area of the Department – the processes of interaction of nonstationary electric fields and pulse currents with heterogeneous mediums.


Main scientific tasks:

  • Research of electrodynamic and electro-physical interaction processes of quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields and pulse currents with heterogeneous mediums;
  • Research of electro-physical processes in the architecturally-modified polymeric insulation and technological modes of manufacturing of the advanced high-voltage cabling and wiring products;
  • Research of the processes of parameters transformation of electrical power to regulate and stabilize the modes of technological systems of electro-pulse processing of heterogeneous mediums;
  • Development of the methods and means of modes intensification of the spark erosion dispersing of conductive materials;
  • Research of magneto-hydrodynamic processes in metal smelts;
  • Development of the methods to intensify electric separation of dispersed materials with inclusions of non-magnetic metals;
  • Development of the energy-efficient techniques and tools to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of semiconductor converters with non-stationary electrodischarge modes in the load;
  • Development of the micro- and nanotechnologies for power engineering, powder metallurgy and municipal engineering.