Clean Power

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics


Department №15. Department of transistor transformers

Head of the Department – Doctor of engineering sciences Yurchenko Oleg Mykolayovych,
tel. 366-25-74

Research area of the Department – development of the theory and development of highly reliable means of conversion and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters with the specified parameters.


Main scientific tasks:

  • Development of the theory and principles of construction of high-frequency transistor converters for processing equipment;
  • Research and development of highly reliable power-supply systems of onboard processing units, designed for the use in outer space;
  • Research and development of electromagnetic processes in transistor converters with a partitioned structure constructed on the basis of a serial and parallel connection of elements and modules;
  • Development of the modern methods to ensure electromagnetic compatibility of high-frequency transistor power converters with power network and consumers;
  • Research and development of energy-efficient high-frequency transistor converters for processing systems of induction heating.