Clean Power

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics

Department №14. Department of power-supply systems optimization

Head of the Department – Doctor of engineering sciences Tugai Yurii Ivanovych,
tel. 366-25-38

Research area of the Department – improvement of efficiency, quality and reliability of electrical networks.

Main scientific tasks:

  • Study energy processes in multiphase systems, and development of the optimum control practices of their modes taking into account a compound action of distortion sources, and assessment of their impact on the operation reliability and efficiency of the generic electrical equipment;
  • Study the conditions of internal overvoltage in the advanced main power transmission lines of 330-750kV, and preventive measures;
  • Study information transmission techniques to monitor and troubleshoot electric power objects;
  • Development of analysis methods and coordinated control of the modes of electrical networks of a different hierarchical level;
  • Development of technical and economic criteria of electro-magnetic compatibility of customers in electrical power systems of a general and special purpose, creation of the scientifically-based methodology of normalization, control and correction of electrical power quality index in electrical networks and systems;
  • Development of the theoretical foundations, analysis methods and means to prevent and neutralize resonant voltage surges in the electrical networks;
  • Development of theory and methods to isolate the information signals during their transmission through the electrical networks;
  • Development of methods to monitor the state of the insulation of electrical objects of electrical power systems;
  • Investigation and correction of the parameters of electromagnetic and electrophysical processes in the systems with distortion sources in the form of loads, commutations and atmospheric phenomena.