Clean Power

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics


Department №7. Department of Electromagnetic Systems

Head of the Department – Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine Kondratenko Igor Petrovych,
tel. 366-26-75

Research area of the Department – development of the theory and methods for improving the processes of electromagnetic energy conversion in the induction and electro-discharge systems.


Main scientific tasks:

  • Development of high-efficient electromagnetic systems of continuous thermal treatment of junction metal rolling considering the physical phenomena and laws of electro-thermal processes in the complex interaction of electromagnetic and thermal fields;
  • Development of electromagnetic systems of induction heating (melting, brazing, thermal treatment, process heating);
  • Development of the theory and methods to calculate electromagnetic processes in linear induction machines to improve their energy datum, and create dynamic break systems on their basis;
  • Study of the characteristic properties of pulsed corona discharge, optimization of the conditions of its existence in the electrode system with a liquid electrode, design (on the basis of corona pulse discharge) of the equipment for the generation of ozone, purification of gas, and drinking and industrial water;
  • Development and research of inductive storages of the increased energy density using electrodynamic banding.