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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics

"Works of the Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine"


The edition was established in 1999. ISSN 1727-9895. The collection includes the articles with research results in the sphere of:

•    Electorodynamics of the electrical power devices;
•    Conversion and stabilization of the parameters of electromagnetic energy;
•    The improvement of the efficiency and reliability of the processes of electromechanical conversion of the energy;
•    Analysis, optimization, and automation of the modes of electrical power systems and their components;
•    Information measuring systems and metrological support of in the electrical power engineering;
•    Integrated energy systems with renewable energy.

The collection is one of the specialized editions of HAC of Ukraine and abstracted in the Abstract Journal VINITI (Russia, Moscow), and abstract journal "Dzherelo" (Ukraine, Kyiv).

The electronic version of the collection can be found in the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and is included into the national abstract database and international database ELIBRARY.

Published three times a year.

The articles are published in Ukrainian or Russian (according to the represented original).

The collection is a non-subscription publication. It can be purchased only through the editorial office of the Institute.

Tel.: 366-26-56.
In addition to the above-mentioned publications, the editorial and publication department also publishes monographs and study guides.

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