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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Electrodynamics


Dear colleagues!

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. These were the years of Ukrainian power and electrical engineering formation; the years of significant achievements of the Institute’s scientists; the years of creation and development of scientific schools and new directions in electrical and power engineering.

Today, the Institute is a leading institution of the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Power Engineering of the NAS of Ukraine, which conducts the researches on the following areas:

-       transformation and stabilization of electromagnetic energy parameters;

-       systems and complexes of electromechanical energy conversion;

-       modes of energy facilities and systems for their management;

-       information and measuring systems and metrological support in the electric power industry.

In the Institute, there are 14 scientific departments with 3 academicians and 6 corresponding members of the NAS of Ukraine, 39 Doctors of Sciences and 80 Candidates of Technical Sciences, and highly qualified engineering personnel. We are proud that 50 research officers of the Institute are laureates of the State prizes and 39 are laureates of the prizes of the NAS of Ukraine named after V.M. Khrushchev, S.A. Lebedev and G.F. Proskura.

All efforts of a scientific team of the Institute are aimed at further development of the fundamental researches of physical and technical problems of electric power industry and at solving present-day scientific and technical problems of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine.

This catalogue offers ready-for-implementation scientific and technical developments based on fundamental and applied researches performed by the Institute’s scientists. Most of the projects are successfully implemented and used in energy, industry, and transport enterprises, and in the scientific institutions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Please send all requests regarding the development and manufacturing of the necessary devices, equipment, software products, etc., to the Institute This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .uaorto the state enterprise “Research and production center “Energoimpuls” of theIEDofthe NASofUkraineat This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Looking forward to yourproposals on cooperation!



1.01. Information and diagnosticcomplexREGINA

1.02. Wide area measurement system

1.03. «REGINA-KIN» recorder

1.04. Meansforidentifyinghazardouslow-frequencyelectromechanical oscillations in the integrated power systems

1.05. Automatic information gathering system from MDRPA

1.06. System for recording the parameters and determining the faults on the feeders of AC/DC catenary system on the railways

1.07. Monitoring system of SF6 circuit breakers

1.08. Automated substation control system

1.09. Software complexes IEDKK10-SW, IEDKK10-RW

1.10. Software complex for operational support of dispatchers of the integrated power system

1.11. Emergency computer operating simulator for dispatchers of the integrated power system

1.12. means for parameters determination of emergency modes of the load center of ips of Ukraine

1.13. Software complex "KORASP"

1.14. Software complex "DOMEN"

1.15. Software complex for automating the calculations of transient modes of complex power systems

1.16. Computer models of solar power plants (SPP)

1.17. Model of interconnection of electricity day-ahead markets (dam)

1.18. monitoring system of the condition of distribution cable networks of 6-10 kV voltage based on retrospective data



2.01. means for forecasting failures and life extention of generators and electric motors for own needs of TPP, HEPP, NPP

2.02. device for rod mounting of stator winding of turbo-generator

2.03. software for simulating asynchronous motors as a part of electromechanotronic systems

2.04. electromechanical systems based on doubly-fed electric machine

2.05. switched reluctance motor

2.06. vector-controlledasynchronouselectrictractiondrive

2.07. disk electric power generator for wind and hydraulic turbines

2.08. Multistage magnetoelectric systems (mms)

2.09. Reactive flywheel for microsatellite orientation

2.10. Stabilized electric drive for satellite onboard system

2.11. contactless electric machine

2.12. Application of contactless electric drives in medicine

          2.12.1. Surgical sagittal saw

         2.12.2. Adjustable air valve with magnetoelectric drive

         2.12.3. Micromotor drill

2.13. Electric drive for vehicles

          2.13.1. Electric motor for city buses

          2.13.2. Hybrid electric drive for agricultural machines

          2.13.3. Hybrid energy installation for off-road vehicle



3.01. Voltage (current) regulators RENAP-1V (РЕНАП-1V)

3.02. Voltage (current) regulators RENAP-3T (1T)(РЕНАП-3Т (1Т)

3.03. Voltage (current) regulators RENAP-3V (РЕНАП-3В)

3.04. Frequency rectifier

3.05. Stations for pumping unit control

3.06. remote-control station of deep well pumps

3.07. Automated control system of electric drives of fuel supply to boiler units of TPP 

3.08. Automated control system of electric drives of technological equipment of boiler houses

3.09. Means of control, data trasmission and management of electric equipment of industrial facilities

          3.09.1. Modules of digital signal input

         3.09.2. Control Module BUKR 220/110 (БУКР 220/110)

         3.09.3. Telemechanic Complex RTU

3.10. Hardware-software complex of remote monitoring of gas distribution point parameters



4.01. power and electric energy standard

4.02. multifunction meters of ET series

4.03. multifunction meters of ZET series

4.04. portable calibration rig

4.05. automated calibration rig

4.06. Automated stationary passive instrument for measuring electric energy quality indicators

4.07. Photoelectric stationary sensor

4.08. Automated mobile metrology installation of electric energy quality indicators

4.09. precision clamp meters

4.10. Multipurpose device for determining rlc parameters

4.11.  Differential conductivity meters for biosensor systems

4.12. thermal conductivity meter TK-4100

4.13. Conductivity meter WM-2000

4.14. Box of tangent measures of loss angle

4.15. Immitance meter MNS-1200 (МНС-1200)

4.16. Precision meter of capacitor parameters

4.17. Precision thermometry bridge TR-3200 (ТР-3200)

4.18. temperature metersUСR 1-8, UСR 1-16



5.01. Network bidirectional inverters

5.02. Wind-diesel system of distributed generation

5.03. Current controller for powerful plasmatron РТ- 200

5.04. Power supply of electronic heating

5.05. high-voltage power supply PS-EPZ 60/0.25 (ДЖ-ЕПЗ 60/0.25)

5.06. System of dynamic power factor correction

5.07. Plasma system for fuel ignition of gas turbine engines

5.08. Filtering chokes for protecting capacitor banks of reactive power compensators

5.09. Frequency and voltage converters for simulation of on-board power supply systems

5.10. Diagnostic device DD-1 (ДУ-1)

5.11. Universal filters of higher harmonics of the current

5.12. Uninterruptible power supply BP-ZUM (БП-ЗУМ)

5.13. Power supplies for electronic equipment

5.14. Transistor switches with low voltage drop

5.15. Transistor switches with thyristor control

5.16. Lightning protection devices



6.01. Modeling of electromagnetic and multiphysical processes in electric devices and electric power equipment

6.02. Electrothermal installations ETU-250 (ЕТУ-250)

6.03. Industors for heat treatment of flat rolls of metals

6.04. Resonant inverter for induction heating on IGBT

6.05. High-frequency installations of induction heating

6.06. Induction equipment for air and liquid heating

6.07. generator of discharge pulses at IGBT

6.08. generator of discharge pulses “ISKRA iV” (Іскра IV)

6.09. Dynamic braking system on permanent magnets

6.10. Electromagnetic liquid metal mixer with pulsating magnetic field for melting units

6.11. Installation for casting lead granules of increased performance

6.12. capacity compensation device UKE 220-200 (УКЕ 220-200)

6.13. Magnetic fluids in engineering and biomedicine

6.14. Industrial ozone generator

6.15. Laser installation based on coper vapors