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The Institute of Electrodynamics

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Library of the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine

The Library was founded in 1944 as a library of the Institute of Energy of AS of USSR. Starting from 1947 it was a library of the Electrical Engineering Institute of AS of USSR, and starting from 1963 – the library of the Institute of Electrodynamics.

The library holding counts 232 thousands of copies (59 thousands of foreign editions). 51 thousands of books (1,5 thousands of foreign editions); 158 thousands of periodicals (57,5 thousand copies of foreign editions); 23 thousands of special editions. Also it includes 165 thousands of the specifications of inventions to the authors certificates and patents, 3 thousands of reference documents, 8 thousands of industrial catalogues, 2 thousands of translations.

The library's exchange collection counts 667 copies.

The literature on electrical engineering as well as on separate related areas such as mathematics, physics, energetics, radioengineering, cybernetics, and computer engineering is represented in a fund. It includes the literature from the private library of B.P. Borysov, a corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine (3 thousand items on electrical engineering); multiannual set of periodicals, including “Elektrichestvo” (“Electricity”) (1908), “Elektricheskie stantsii” (“Electric power stations”) (since 1930), full set of the journal “Tekhnichna elektrodynamika” (“Technical electrodynamics”) and “Works of the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine” since 1999.

Catalogues: alphabetical – for books, periodicals, theses, dissertations; systematic – for books, and special editions (since 1944).

Card file of works of the members of the Institute (since 1944).

On the basis of the computer program "IRBIS" an electronic version of the catalog of scientific and technical library has been created.

In the reading room such regular exhibitions as "New accessions" and "Publications of the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine" are exhibited.

The Library of the IED of NAS of Ukraine exchanges scientific works and journals and, cooperates with the libraries of the NAS of Ukraine from Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Alchevsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kremenchuk, Simferopol, and with other scientific institutions of Ukraine.

Tel.(044) 456-03-61, (044) 454-25-01, fax (044) 456-94-94

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