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Common use instrumentation center

The common use instrumentation center (hereinafter referred to as Center) was established to ensure high quality experimental researches, tests, checkout and calibration of hardware and software in a scientific direction "Automation and computerization of energy".

The Head of the Center: Candidate of engineering sciences, senior researcher Slynko Volodymyr Mefodiyovych.

The main areas of the Center’s focus are:
- the measurement of electromagnetic parameters (currents, voltage, their harmonics, and symmetrical components) of electrical energy facilities – generators, power transformers and autotransformers, reactors, high-voltage power circuit-breakers etc.;
- the diagnosis of the devices of relay protection and emergency automation of power systems;
- solution of the problems of optimal structure design of electrical measuring and recording apparatus for diagnostic information systems;
- metrological tests of hardware and software to determine the operating parameters of electric power facilities, the measurement of electrical energy parameters and control of their quality;
- execution of synchronous measurements of the electrical parameters in a single format of astronomical time by the signal receivers from GPS.

To address these challenges, a unique scientific equipment from the leading manufacturers such as FLUKE and DOBLE is used in the Center.

To execute the precision metrological measurements and calibration of the devices and equipment, monitor electric energy parameters with high accuracy a three-phase standard - calibrator of electric power FLUKE 6100 is used in the Center, and allows to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, and technology of their execution in accordance with certain standards. The calibrator FLUKE 6100 also allows to synthesize the sources of electricity with nonstandard characteristics of the widespread spectrum and range, forming up to 100 different harmonics at a time.

To perform experimental researches and tests of the apparatus of automation and relay protection, the simulator model of power system DOBLE F6150 is used, which allows to design and simulate the power system to a high precision, thereby reproducing the processes coordinated in time, and has the function of onset of generation of test signals using GPS. This device is also used to diagnose and monitor the characteristics of emergency events recorders by dynamic tests through the test signals of sinusoidal form and modeling of transient processes, the creation a computational model of the system, formation of harmonics, DC transient, and oscillations.
Special software allows to monitor the selected parameters of the experiment in a real time, and receive all necessary metrological characteristics in the electronic form on PC after processing measurement results.

The list of scientific equipment of the Common Use Center



Basic technical specifications



Three-phase standard calibrator of electric power FLUKE 6130A, which includes one 6100А block and two 6101А blocks

Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd, USA

·    Current range 0,05÷20А, error 0,01÷0,02%;

·   Voltage range 1,0÷1000V, error 0,01÷0,02%;

·   frequency range of the fundamental harmonic 16÷450 Hz, error 0,005%;

·    Phase range ±180º;

·    Long-term error ±0,001°;

·    Temporary error ±0,0002°;

·    Three-phase standard calibrator of electric power generates: up to 100 harmonics (at a time), flicker, fluctuating harmonics, interharmonics, voltage decrease and increase.


Simulator model of power system DOBLE F6150, which includes basic device F6150, current amplifiers F6300, antenna receiver for satellite synchronization of testing start F6895

Doble Engineering Company, USA

·    Voltage range 0÷600V, error 0.02%;

·    Current range 5÷120А, error 0.02%;

·    Voltage output power 300VA;

·    Current output power 450W;

·    Phase range 0÷359,9°, error ±0,1°  50/60Hz;

·    The beginning of test-signals generation is synchronized using GPS.



Two-channel digital oscilloscope with internal memory and software Fluke 199C


Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd, USA

·    bandpass 200 Hz;

·    sampling rate 2,5 GHz;

·    input voltage up to 1000 V;

·    duration 2 mV – 100 V/div


Device for measuring electric strength of insulation UPU-6



·    output voltage  1, 3, 6 кВ;

·     full output current 100 mА;

·    the error of voltage and current measurement is not more than 3%;

·    protection operating level 120±5 mА;

·    consumed power 650 VА


Frequency counter - timer

FLUKE РМ 6690/062

Fluke Precision Measurement Ltd, USA

·    fundamental frequency range up to 300 MHz;

·    maximum frequency band 10 GHz;

·    error 0,05 Hz at a frequency 10 GHz.


Precision multimeter Transmille 8081


"Transmille Ltd.", Great Britain

·    DC voltage range 10 mcV – 1050 V, error ± 0,0004%;

·    AC voltage range 0,1 mcV – 1000 V, error ± 0,02%;

·    DC current range

·         0,1 mcА – 30 А, error ± 0,001%;

·    AC current range

·        1 mcА–30А, error ± 0,02%;

·    Frequency band 1Hz – 10 MHz, error ± 0,0005%;

·    Resistance range 0,1 mcOm – 1MOm, error ± 0,0008%.

On the basis of the Center’s equipment and apparatus, a measuring electrotechnical laboratory (Certificate of Attestation № ПТ-98/11 from 31.03.2011) was founded and certified in SOE “Ukrmetrteststandart”. This laboratory has the right to execute the measurements of objects’ parameters according to the area of certification.

According to the Regulations on the Center, the procedure for equipment use provides for free provision of testing services in accordance with the planned orders received from the scientific institutions of the NAS of Ukraine.

For orders to be included into the plan in time, the customer has to provide the Department of physical and technical problems of power engineering of NAS Of Ukraine (by January 15th and June 15th of the current year) with applications for types, terms and testing duration which can be executed on the basis of the Center equipment and apparatus given in the table.

On the issues of testing execution, please contact the Head of the Center – Slynko V.M.,
tel. (38044) 366-25-63, fax (38044) 456-04-84; е-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it